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Only My Undesirable Translation Talent Can Change the World Manga Ends in 4th Volume

Amazon is listing the fourth compiled book volume of Tomoyuki Maru's Only My Undesirable Translation Talent Can Change the World ("Honyaku" no Sainō de Ore dake ga Sekai wo Kaihen Dekiru Ken: Hazure Sainō "Honyaku" de Kizukeba Sekai Saikyō ni Nattemashita) manga — the adaptation of Hakuto Aono's light novel series of the same title — as its final volume. The volume will release on June 12.

Square Enix's Manga UP! Global publishes the manga digitally and describes the story:

Noah is the eldest son from a noble family known for their magical prowess. As such, his father expects him to possess a Talent for elemental attack magic. But during his appraisal, it was revealed that not only couldn't he use magic, but he had a particularly useless Talent—"Translation.” Yet, no one could have guessed that this astonishing ability has the power to change the world!

The manga launched on Square Enix's Gangan Online in May 2022. Square Enix shipped the third compiled book volume in Japan on December 12.

Aono launched the original light novel series on the Shōsetsuka ni Narō (Let's Become Novelists) website in June 2021. Kadokawa published the novels' first volume with illustration by Hajime Kanadome in March 2022.

Maru launched The Legendary Dragon-armored Knight Wants to Live a Normal Life in the Countryside (Densetsu no Ryūsō Kishi wa Inaka de Futsū ni Kurashitai: SSS-Rank Irai no Shitauke Yamemasu!), the manga adaptation of Tuck's light novel series of the same title, on Gangan Online in November 2019, and the series ended in September 2021. Manga UP! Global publishes the manga digitally in English. The manga is also available on Kadokawa's BookWalker Global Store.

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